Dear Jo: Milestones

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July 21, 3 years A.B. (after-baby)

Dear Jo,

She did it! Lyla actually did it! And you were in the bathroom. But Emerson saw it.

You left Lyla on the floor, while Emerson played nearby. You’d had too much coffee that morning and you couldn’t wait any longer. In typical fashion, as soon as you sat down, Emerson called for you. You tried to ignore him at first, hoping he’d remember that you told him you were going to the bathroom and you’d be right back. He persisted.

“Mom! Mom! It’s Lyla! It’s Lyla!”

Dear Jo: Milestones

At first you rolled your eyes. Couldn’t he give you two minutes? But then your annoyance gave way to panic. His voice sounded happy, but what if he was saying she was in danger? What if she had put one of his puzzle pieces in her mouth? You were pretty sure they were too big to fit into her mouth, but you couldn’t remember which puzzle he had been working on. Was it the transportation one with big wooden pieces? Or was it the superhero one with the little cardboard ones? You told Carol Ann that the puzzle wasn’t appropriate for his age, but she insisted and of course it’s now one of his favorites.

“What’s Lyla?” you called through the closed door. You wiped, flushed and pulled up your pants as quickly as possible. Hand washing would have to wait…though if you had to extract a puzzle piece, you’d need clean hands. Why had you chosen that moment to go to the bathroom?! You could’ve waited longer.

“Come see!”

You ran out of the bathroom and into the living room. And there you saw it. Your little girl was pushed up on all fours, putting one hand and knee in front of the other to move herself around.

“She’s crawling!” Emerson said.

“Yay!” you both cheered her on as she scooted and fell before pushing herself back up and moving forward again…a pattern of victory and defeat.

You got down on the floor in front of her and said, “You’re doing it!”

She smiled and drooled, and got so excited that she didn’t know which combination of hands and knees would propel her forward, so she rocked back and forth a few times. But then she did it again. She made her way to you. You scooped her up, hugged her and cheered some more.

She spent the rest of the day practicing her new skill. By the time Paul got home, Emerson was tired of his sister’s new milestone. It meant his train layout, puzzles and even Arnold were no longer safe. He regained some enthusiasm when he started playing fetch with her. He’d toss one of her toys and tell her to go get it.

“She’s not a dog,” Paul told him.

“She walks like one.”

You couldn’t argue with a three-year-old.

You all cheered for Lyla, scooped her up and hugged her. Another milestone down. Another development checked off the list. Another step towards the end of the tunnel.

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